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The ELIM Story

Elim Village offers seniors beautiful homes and gardens on over 20 acres in a mix of condominium and duplex homes in the desirable Fleetwood community in Surrey.

The Village offers seniors independence and a supportive Christian community. Here seniors find security, amenities, recreation, and fellowship.

Once completed, it is contemplated that Elim Village will offer every kind of accommodation from independent living to complex care. Here, regardless of the care service required, residents will take comfort in knowing they will never need to be separated from a spouse or their friends again.

In this oasis of comfort and harmony, where there is time and calm, where you relax with people who share your understanding, the biggest question will be ¡V ¡¥Why didn¡¦t I do this before?¡¦


In the early nineties, during a Bible study of the Book of James, a group of Christians were profoundly impacted by this principle: Evidence of faith is demonstrated by good works.

They had a vision: to create a comprehensive Christian retirement community ¡V professionally managed, enriched with amenities, celebrating community, independence, and the joy of life. It would be a village built on love, where spouses and friends need never worry again about being separated if they required different levels of care.

Faith, however, required action. So, in 1994 the Bible study group created the Elim Foundation, a registered charity, and two years later the Foundation established the Elim Housing Society.


Elim Housing Society is a not-for-profit society incorporated in 1996 under the Society Act of British Columbia.

The objective of the Society is to acquire, develop and hold property for housing developments and other facilities to accommodate elderly people and others who require special care.

This objective is carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any income or profit is used in promoting the purposes of the Society.


O.C.A. Architects Inc. is an architectural partnership, fully dedicated to design excellence. It is backed by solid technological expertise and a honed sensitivity to our clients¡¦ needs; O.C.A. Architects Inc. offers the experience of a group of highly qualified professionals providing full and complete architectural services, including innovative yet contextual design, strong technical expertise and competent budget control at all stages until project completion.

We think that client relations, interaction and continuous communication is paramount to success in achieving a successful building project. We consider listening as pivotal to the process and central to the issue of providing service. We strive to have a rational approach to project design, where cost effectiveness is assumed as a fundamental part of the building¡¦s functional requirements.

O.C.A. Architects Inc. strongly believes that the design process is more than a simple arrangement of functional spaces resulting in a building form with arbitrary aesthetic qualities. The design process will integrate other important variables: interpretation of the institutional philosophy and needs of the Client; adoption of appropriate contextual responses to existing conditions; and ensuring a cultural continuity with the built and natural environment.

O.C.A. Architects Inc. is committed to limiting the size of its organization to a level that will allow direct ¡§hands-on¡¨ involvement of its principals on each project. We will foster a high degree of professional dedication, personal attention and direct interaction between the Client and our architectural team.

We assign great importance to energy efficiency and strive to provide at the inception of the design a sensitive response to building siting, orientation, and use of appropriate materials and state of the art mechanical/electrical systems.