Elliott Hotel & Parking Facility Project
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R.C. Hedreen Co. 
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Mulvany G2 

General Contractors
Hedreen L.L.C. 


Trade Contractors &

  Parking Equipment
DGM Controls 

  Aluminum Windows
Pacific Glass Inc. 

  Internal Stone Tile
Antony Architectural Stone 
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  Precast Structures
Architectural Precast Structures Ltd. 
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  Drywall Systems
Arok Inc. 
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  Security Locking Systems
Vegas Valley Locking Systems Inc. 

  Venetian Plaster
Hopper Handcraft Specialty Finishes L.L.C. 
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  Interior Granite, Ceramic Stone
Atlas Stone Products Ltd. 
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  Laundry Equipment
Washington Automated Inc. 
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  Color site concrete
Gary Merlino Construction & Stoneway Concrete 

  Heavy Construction Services
JVH Construction Services 
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